The J in the loopy-swoopy logo is for me, Janine.

I see pictures everywhere I go. And while I’ve learned that while there are times for capturing that glory-light or that happy smirk, there are also times of just living life and taking it in without a camera to my face. I think that realization has made me into a better photographer.  Not saying I’ve never taken the camera out in my kayak of course. Or hauled it miles up & over mountains in Ecuador, Mexico or the ADKS of Northern NY.  I just want the photos I do take, to be ones that preserve the memory of times that are full & rich. I’m interested in doing that creatively for your family, your celebration, your love.

I’ve been a wedding & portrait photographer for the past 12 years & throughout that whole time the people have been my favorite. From newborns in their tiny stretches & yawns to playful children to grinning faced grooms all the way to grandparents boasting generations around them. I love creating smiles as much as I love capturing them. It’s a work I seek to do well because it’s worth remembering who we are in each season along the way, from no matter what point we look back & remember.